The Doors of Opportunity

It’s been awhile since I posted new photographs, and it’s been awhile since I took some time to take new photographs. Thinking about that made me think about how easy it is to get swept away in the current of everyday life. How many of us have spent our days and nights unaware of the time and opportunities passing us by? Although it is painlessly simple to close our eyes and step forward into each day, my eyes are opened by friends like Deanne Tonking (,,, who rise to a new challenge with every sunrise, inspiring and enlivening all around her. Just as easily as not, we can open the doors of opportunity that present themselves to us, explore new parts of the world, of ourselves, of the people around us. Those uninspired nights when I slowly waste away on the couch, I must remind myself of those doorways, stand up, and walk through one of them, camera in hand.

Laughter and Contemplation

An Afternoon in KL

Two Pigeons and Three Windows

Two Umbrellas and a Bicycle

The Yellow Arch